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See below for a snapshot of our premier services we offer our clients. 

brand development

From employer branding to brand partnerships for talent attraction, we help our clients have a strategic approach to talent outreach efforts. We curate an effective and relevant employer value proposition so your brand resonates in a meaningful way.

We help companies develop a strategic approach to increasing representation in their workforce, while also working alongside them to create the internal programs and initiatives to accelerate the actions forward.  These programs range from early career to strategic coaching and mentoring programs with key external organizations.

multicultural audience + brand partnerships

We work with your team to curate strategies and partnerships that will increase engagement and visibility of your brand within underserved, historically marginalized and/or multicultural communities that are relevant to your brand. Making a meaningful impact in multicultural, multigenerational, LGBTQIA+ and other underserved communities. Identifying engagement opportunities with shared goals is key to business success.

equity, inclusion
+ social impact

We develop DEI and Social Impact strategies and approaches for companies, with an emphasis on internal and external development and engagement. Our approach considers avenues related to workforce, workplace, marketplace and social currency for a company.

inclusive talent acquisition

Organizational culture sessions and worskshops

We facilitate courageous conversations and workshops around topics in the theme of organizational culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and skills relevant to Inclusive Leadership. Some examples of sessions are below:

  • ONEDER to AWE: The skills needed to lead high performing and diverse teams for the future of work

  • The Future of Work: The intersection of purpose and success with DEIB at the forefront, from individuals to for-profit companies.

  • Belonging at Monday: Cultivating an inclusive workplace culture where folks can do the best work of their lives - starting with you!

  • Finding ONEDER: The personally journey of discovery and direction for professional success. Curating a plan after you've realigned your purpose.

  • My Search for Belonging & Purpose: A vulnerable discussion on the power of overcoming challenges , finding belonging within yourself first before expecting it from a workplace.  This discussion also includes a conversation about identity, imposter syndrome, subtle acts of exclusion and purpose.

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